Jon Gower's Reading Challenge continues with A Man's Estate


A Man's Estate is another clear and perfect reason to laud the gifts bestowed on Emyr Humphreys, the most detailed chronicler of twentieth century Wales, and author of capacious, intuitive fictions, properly lauded by such scholars as M. Wynn Thomas.  A Man's Estate, though weightily brooding and unburdened by too much joy, or very much redemption, uses one corner of the country to examine the stuff of life, how troubling it can be, though how easily explained. We are always wanting.  And found wanting. Maybe, in the final rub our wanting is who and what we are.



Author, Broadcaster and Raconteur Jon Gower has undertaken the challenge to read all 33 titles in the current Library of Wales series, and review them. You can read his full review of Emyr Humphreys' A Man's Estate on Wales Arts Review now.

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